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5 Beautiful Oregon Coast Trees for Your Yard


One of the best ways to make your coastal yard even more beautiful is by planting trees. This brings vibrancy, life, and contrast to your yard. It can help to frame the look of your house. But it’s important to know which trees will work best in your yard. You don’t want to plant a tree only for it to not thrive in Oregon weather. This will do the opposite and make your yard look dull and sick. There are many Oregon trees that will work great in your coastal yard.

Here are five beautiful Oregon coast trees for you to plant in your yard to make it even more stunning.

Oregon Crabapple

This is sometimes also known as the western crabapple or Pacific crabapple. If you have a medium-sized yard, this tree is a great choice for you. Plus, it’s meant to be planted in wet areas, making your Oregon coast yard the perfect area. The Oregon crabapple tree is a flowering fruit tree. It has white to pink blossoms that give off a nice fragrance. This fragrance and fruit from the tree will attract wildlife to your yard, such as birds and bees.

This doesn’t last all year long, though, mostly in just the spring and summer seasons. However, once fall hits, rather than having fruit on the tree, the Oregon crabapple has brilliant yellow-orange leaves, meaning the beauty in your yard will still be there.

These trees grow pretty slowly and reach to about 36 feet tall.



Cascara trees thrive in areas that are moist but should also be in soil that’s well-drained. They should be planted in an area that has shade or that just gets morning sun. If your yard is on the smaller side, this tree is a great option because it’s also smaller. These trees tend to grow to about around 30 feet tall, at most, but many fall much shorter than this and can be as small as 15 feet tall.

Cascara begin to bloom in May with their green-white flowers. Afterward, it will produce berries that attract wildlife to your yard, such as birds. In the fall, the leaves turn an orange-red color.

Douglas Fir

Douglas firs are a popular tree that you likely have seen all around the Pacific Northwest. In fact, it’s been the official state tree of Oregon since 1939. However, there is specifically a coast Douglas fir, and it’s ideal for your Oregon coast yard. These trees are meant for much larger yards, as they’re the second-tallest conifer trees in the world. Douglas fir trees can grow to a height of 325 feet and can have up to a 15-foot diameter trunk. If you’re looking to plant a Douglas fir in your yard, it’s important to first make sure you have the room for it.

Douglas fir trees attract wildlife to your yard in a different way. Rather than having a sweet smell or food to give to offer, these trees provide many animals, such as songbirds and rabbits, with a source of shade. The trees are also fragrant but have a much softer smell when compared to other trees. The needles are a dark green to blue-green color.

Oregon Maple

If you’re looking for a tree for your yard that’s easy to grow, the Oregon maple is the one for you. These trees, also known as the bigleaf maple, do best in areas that are moist. Additionally, they thrive in either full sun or part shade. The one thing is that they do need is a lot of room to grow, so make sure your yard has the space to handle that. They grow between 40 and 80 feet tall, and they have a wide canopy that requires a lot of open space to properly accommodate.

The Oregon maple is a versatile tree in the sense that it’s a great tree for shade but also an ornamental tree. This is because it has changing leaves and beautiful yellow flowers to showcase. In early spring, small flowers with a greenish-yellow color bloom and hang in clusters at the ends of twigs.

Japanese Maple

The Japanese maple is another tree that thrives in moisture and is a perfect Oregon coast tree for your yard. These trees take beauty to another level, as they’re not only known for their bright, colorful leaves, but also for their extremely elegant shape. These trees grow best in an area that has partial shade.

The other beauty of these trees is that they fit in yards of all sizes. This is because they come in many different varieties, which allows you to choose the one that will work best in your yard. In fact, there are actually hundreds of Japanese maple varieties for you to choose from. These varieties also range in color: red, purple, orange, and different shades of green. Not only will selecting a Japanese maple let you choose the size of tree you want, but the color as well!

Not all coastal yards are the same. This is why it’s important to know your yard—the type of soil, how much sunlight different areas get, and how well-drained the soil is—before choosing which Oregon coast tree will work best in your yard. If you’re still unsure of these things, at Vernon Imel Tree Service, we’re happy to help you figure it out. With more than 20 years of experience serving the Northwest coast, we know our trees and we especially know our Oregon coast trees.

Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific yard or even come by and see what you have to work with. We can then recommend the best trees for your yard, ensuring they’ll thrive and make your yard beautiful for years to come.