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5 Benefits of Tree Shaping


In Oregon, it is easy to fall in love with the majestic trees and breathtaking scenery that we have here. The landscaping on your home or business property should reflect a bit of this Northwest beauty, which is part of what will make it stand out as unique.

Quality landscaping not only adds exquisiteness and curb appeal, but it also increases value to the property. We believe that investing in eye-catching plants, bushes, and shrubs is well worth the time and money.

If you’re looking to take your landscaping to the next level at your Oregon Coast home or business, tree shaping – especially topiary shaping – can do just that. This type of tree shaping will take any ordinary space and transform it into something special.

The history of topiary shaping:

Topiary is defined as creating living sculptures with trees and shrubs by crafting decorative shapes and designs. Most often, evergreen shrubs are used in topiary design, including subjects like cypress, yew, holly, and box honeysuckle.

It is believed that topiary was created by a friend of the famous Roman emperor Augustus in the first century, and it’s believed to have evolved over time.

The hedge is a simple and commonly seen form of topiary that is used as a boundary. Soon, it began to develop into even more spectacular designs, becoming more of an artistic practice.

People began erecting elaborate designs and geometric shapes, including shapes like ships, dogs, beasts, and people. This type of tree shaping design was commonly seen in China, Japan, England, and the Netherlands where there were a variety of plants suitable for topiary projects, but today, the design is a well-recognized centerpiece in landscapes around the world.

Gardeners and tree professionals can add topiary to any landscape for enhanced beauty, and they can become either permanent or temporary parts of the space.

Here are five benefits of topiary tree shaping.

1. Aesthetics5-benefits-of-tree-shaping

One of the best parts about living in the Pacific Northwest is the sheer amount of greenery we are surrounded with, and enjoying this in your home or workspace is a slice of heaven. There is nothing more stunning than a well-manicured yard and tree shaping can enhance it even more.

What first impression does your home’s landscaping make? We believe a well-landscaped yard and garden is not just appealing to the person living or working there, but to the people that visit, too. Landscaping has the ability to make a memorable and lasting impression and invites people into a space of sanctuary and relaxation.

Topiary design and proper tree shaping is visually appealing, creating a treat for the eyes. In fact, it can even evoke a sense of wonder in many individuals. It is common for people to see a great work of topiary and have them stop and sigh, simply taking in the beauty. This initial visual appeal can often lead to internal feelings of relieved stress and anxiety.

Our team of tree professionals is skilled in tree shaping and we want to help get your yard looking gorgeous. Not only will it look stunning when we are done, but quality tree shaping will help improve your view and keep your landscaping green and healthy.

2. Value

Tree shaping will help increase your property value and bolster curb appeal. For passersby or people who may be looking to purchase a home, uniform trees or topiary hedges enhance the visual appeal and give it a clean, controlled look.

Tree shaping is incredibly cost-effective and the amount of increase in the property’s perceived value can go up dramatically if it is done the right way.

If you are planning on selling your Oregon home or are considering renting it out, tree shaping is one of the best ways to enhance value in the long run.

3. Options

Topiary trees are an ideal option for people looking to make their landscape stand out. Just one tree at the front of the home could transform the way your yard looks.

There are a variety of different tree species that you can pick from. Most often, evergreen shrubs are used in topiary design, including subjects like cypress, yew, holly, and box honeysuckle.

Once you’ve decided on which type, you can determine if you want to plant it in the ground throughout your landscape or use planters, pots or other containers to make it more versatile.

Boxwood is one of the best container topiary options and evergreen shrubs with a bright colored pot or planter could be a great way for it to stand out from the other greenery that surrounds it.

Topiary trees are also a great showcase piece that you could decorate with twinkling lights or ribbons to make it festive for holidays or other special events.

4. Good for the Environment

We love Oregon and we are proud of the stunning scenery and clean air that’s here. Topiary trees play a special role in the family of trees and by introducing topiary trees and plants into your simple landscape means you will be helping create an even cleaner oxygen supply in the area.

We are passionate about cultivating a world where the air we breathe is cleaner. Plants and trees will absorb carbon dioxide to bring cleaner oxygen into our air, which means your home and business will be surrounded by air that fosters health and well-being.

By enhancing your landscaping and garden area with topiary pieces, you are playing a key role in the overall act of taking care of the environment, both now and well into the future.

5. Creativity

Your Oregon home represents a bit of who you are and staying on top of tree shaping and adding topiary design can be a great way to express your personality.

History has shown that topiary has become an art and today, it is a fun way to express artistic and creative talent. People often erect elaborate topiary designs and geometric shapes, including ships, dogs, beasts, and people.

What do you want your topiary to look like? Let your imagination run wild!

Ready to get started on your tree shaping project? We have a variety of ideas to help you tap into your landscape’s one of a kind potential. Learn more about our trained professionals and how we can help take your landscaping to the next level.