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5 Times to Contact Your Local Tree Service

5 Times to Contact Your Local Tree Service

If you own land, then you know the importance of tree upkeep. Ensuring the trees on your property are appropriately maintained is a constant battle, as is guaranteeing that those trees are properly removed when they threaten to damage the surrounding area.

So, when you find yourself in a situation that calls for an important action involving your property’s trees, it is best not to mess around. Instead, you should immediately call a local tree service to come in and take care of the problem. If you let the issue fester or attempt to handle it yourself when you don’t know what you are doing, all you will accomplish is making everything worse and potentially causing greater long-term damage.

Fixing these sorts of messes is exactly why a local tree service exists, so there is no reason not to ask for help should you find yourself dealing with a tree-related problem that you cannot handle on your own.

However, some people have issues figuring out when they would be best served to call in a local tree service. Here are five occasions when doing so would be an excellent idea:

(1)  Leaning tree

If your tree is leaning strongly in any direction, then simply put, it is something that must be dealt with. If the tree is leaning heavily on one side or the other, that likely means it has damaged roots beneath the soil. If there is any major lean to any of your trees, that tree may or may not need to come down, but it definitely needs to be looked at by an experienced professional. Getting assistance from a local tree service, in this case, is an excellent idea because they know better than anybody what the best course of action would be given the circumstances.

(2)  Sick tree

5 Times to Contact Your Local Tree Service

A tree may appear to be unhealthy but you don’t think it causes an instant hazard, so you decide to let the issue go without doing anything. Big mistake. Some trees can be far more ill than they appear and could even have a disease that’s in the process of spreading, but cannot be seen on the surface. Sure, it is possible that the tree is fine, but why take the risk? Much better to be safe than sorry, so calling in a local tree service to thoroughly inspect the tree to detect potential issues is absolutely the appropriate decision.

(3)  More than half the tree is damaged

Trees often have remarkable powers of recovery, but sometimes a tree can get damaged beyond repair. If any of your trees have noticeable damage to the majority of its surface, then odds are that tree needs to be outright removed for fear of it collapsing and causing major damage. As much as it could be tempting to hope the tree recuperates on its own, the likelihood is that it never will, so calling in a local tree service is easily the best logistical move in this situation. The tree service professional will be able to assess your tree, treat it as needed, and offer best next steps—which only sometimes involve complete removal.

(4)  The tree is right below power lines

Any tree that is directly underneath power lines has to be thinned frequently. This is especially apparent during the winter months when constant ice and snow storms can cause branches to be destroyed and damaged or outright obliterate power lines as a result. The same thing can happen during any other kind of storm, including a tornado, hurricane, or even a run of the mill rain or thunderstorm. Any major damage to utility poles or power lines can leave you and other nearby property owners without the use of electricity for days or even weeks. It can also cause the power lines to fall on the roadway or worse, near someone’s home. That is why the risk of having a tree too close to a power line is far too risky and should never be done. However, if you already have a tree that stands close enough to a power line and could possibly cause damage if it fell, then calling a local tree service is an absolute necessity. While your tree may be sturdy and healthy enough to remain right where it is, the disease often begins in the trunk of the tree, weakening its stability before you even know anything is wrong. So, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

(5)  The tree has gotten too big for the space it occupies

Just like children jump in height as they age, so do trees. And just as children will grow out of their cribs and child-sized beds, a tree can also outgrow the area where it was originally planted.

Yes, trees are stationary, but they are still living organisms and so the same logic applies. As a tree gets older and more mature, it generally grows bigger and thicker, so the space it occupied as a baby tree may not suffice as it continues to mature. This could hamper your plans if you are looking to build something on your property like a deck, swimming pool, or tennis court.

It is also entirely possible that the tree’s growth causes it to expand into an area that could pose a danger. If the tree in question expands too close to the foundation of your home or driveway or works its way into the path of power lines, then it is likely a good idea to have that tree outright removed and start from scratch. In a scenario like this, a local tree service is sorely needed. Attempting to carry out a job like this alone without the proper equipment or training creates far too much of a hazard and risks causing a multitude of damage.

Trees are an asset to your property, but they are also living beings that require care. While it’s easy to forget their needs as they age and need less constant attention, trees will still need regular maintenance to ensure they thrive, as well as attention as they begin to perish or overtake their space. For this reason, it’s best to have a trusted tree service you can turn to, just like us at Vernon Imel Tree Service.