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5 Times You Should Call for Tree Removal Oregon


You were out of town for a holiday and when you came home, you were in for a rude shock – a tree had fallen right across your yard. Turns out, it was leaning dangerously toward one side, but you failed to notice until one day, it just fell. The thought of a tree falling suddenly and causing damage to its surrounding area is rather terrifying, isn’t it?

The consequences of a fallen tree cause nothing but inconvenience. Not only do you have to shell out a big amount to get rid of the tree, but there is also a chance of potential damage to your home, car, and even family members.

The only way to avoid such a situation is to be extra vigilant and look out for warning signs that may indicate the need for tree removal.

Here are five times you should call for tree removal Oregon.

1. To Provide Breathing Space

5 Times You Should Call for Tree Removal Oregon

Plants and trees need adequate breathing space to grow strong and healthy. There are cases when trees tend to grow too close to each other or take up the majority of the space while robbing the other vegetation around of sunlight and space. This hinders their growth and prevents a healthy and stable landscape.

At such times, it’s best to get rid of the old, problematic tree or those that take too much space. Yes, it hurts but it is a necessary evil because that’s the only way you can create a sustainable environment for the surrounding plants and trees.

2. Leaning Dangerously

While you cannot expect trees to grow entirely upright, if you notice a tree leaning dangerously toward a particular side, you should certainly call for tree removal Oregon without wasting a minute.

Trees lean for several reasons ranging from a change in the direction of sunlight to a cause of wind. However, if you observe a sudden lean in the tree, if it seems to be leaning over a walkway, growing too close to power lines, or has developed cracks or splits in its trunk, then it’s time to get it removed before it comes crashing down.

This can be quite a tricky situation so if you are having even an iota of doubt, reach out to a certified arborist to investigate the matter for you.

3. Tree Health issues

Sometimes in spite of all the care you take, trees fall prey to disease due to pest infestation or environmental conditions. While you might hate to depart with your tree, it’s best to get rid of a diseased tree as soon as possible. This needs to be done to protect the rest of your yard and adjoining property, as well as prevent any diseases from spreading to the rest of your neighborhood.

Symptoms of a diseased tree include discolored leaves, premature shedding of leaves, white spots, open wounds, lumpy spherical growths, among others. On noticing these signs, call a reputable tree service to tackle the issue. If the damage is beyond repair, you will need to get rid of the diseased.

There are also instances when trees die due to improper care or inadequate nutrients. It’s important to identify when a tree is actually dead instead of retaining it in your yard. How can you identify a dead tree? Massive cracks on the trunk, noticeably damaged roots, and weakened branches are some common signs.

Similar to diseased trees, dead trees are hazardous as well. They attract insects and pests and can also suddenly topple without any warning.

4. Obstructing Construction

Our homes are always a work in progress. Being a homeowner, you are bound to want to make some changes. You might want to expand your property and make space for some new developmental projects such as an additional floor, a backyard deck, or anything else that will enhance your home, but something’s in the way – your tree. This is another common reason to call for a tree removal service in Oregon.

In spite of trying to work around the tree, you are sometimes left with only one solution – getting rid of it. Instead of entirely removing the tree from your yard, you may be able to get a tree care expert to help you plant it elsewhere in the yard.

Apart from construction projects, homeowners may also want to undertake landscape renovations in which some trees might stick out like a sore thumb. This is another reason that leads to the removal of trees.

5. Poorly Planted Trees

Incorrect planting leads to several issues in the later stages and in many instances, ends with tree removal. From incorrect planting location and spacing to poor soil conditions, inadequate sunlight and watering, there are many factors that can lead to improper tree planting.

Tree owners need to consider the right weather conditions, space, techniques, and planting depth to ensure long-term and healthy tree growth. The absence of this may result in removing the tree entirely because it refuses to grow healthily in the unsustainable environment.
So, always consult a certified arborist to be in line with the proper requirements that lead to steady growth.

We can all agree how great it is to have trees in our surroundings but there are cases when you are left with no option and the only way out is removing the tree. Tree removal is a tough decision and by no means should you dive into it alone without the guidance of professional tree care specialists. We come with the technical know-how and professional equipment to get rid of the tree in a safe and secure manner.

Our advanced tree removal methods ensure your property is left unperturbed while getting rid of the tree completely. Don’t worry about the cost because we guarantee high-quality services at affordable and competitive prices. So, if you need a tree removed, make sure to contact us today.