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One of the best things about living in the Pacific Northwest is the trees. They grow wild and tall. The coastal climate in the Lincoln City area means high levels of rainfall year-round. The rain ensures the trees are vibrant and green. Coastal living also means high coastal winds. The wind is great for sailing and surfing, but for trees, it can mean fallen branches and broken tree limbs that become a hazard on your property. At Vernon Imel Tree Service, we have over two decades of providing residents in Lincoln City with tree service from our certified arborists. We can help you with any of your tree problems, no matter how big or small.

1. Logging

Have you recently purchased land in Lincoln City, Oregon, and you’re getting ready to build? Maybe you own a wooded lot with a small home on it and you’re hoping to add an expansion. Or perhaps you recently tried to enjoy your home woods by snowshoeing or hiking, only to realize that much of your land has fallen trees or that your once relaxing forest space has become tangled and overgrown. Logging could be an option for you.

Clearing paths and opening up space for you to enjoy the healthiest woodland you can have is something that Vernon Imel can help with. We pride ourselves on providing efficient and cost-effective logging services in the area. We can tailor services to meet your tree care needs and precisely follow your instructions, regardless of how simple or involved they might be. Removing one tree or a large lot, clearing roads or brush, or facilitating controlled burns, we have the experience and the well-maintained equipment for every tree service job.

2. Lot Management

While we can safely remove any tree from your property, not every lot needs to be logged in order to maintain it. If your property is heavily wooded, you understand that it can quickly get out of hand, growing into a tangled mess of branches, decay, and impassable brush. Vernon Imel arborists understand this too, and we know how to help you get the best out of your woodland.

When wooded areas are not regularly maintained, it can present a hazard to your property and anyone who visits it. Help maintaining healthy growth with controlled burns, forest thinning, planting new trees, and even changing the purpose of the land are all services available in Lincoln City to manage your wooded lot.


3. Tree Removal

We want to provide care for healthy trees in your yard and offer preventative care options for you. However, sometimes trees succumb to disease or your property usage changes, so a tree may need to be removed. A tree that falls on your property from a wind storm or disease can be overwhelming. Or maybe you recently had your property assessed by your insurance company and they’ve recommended you cut down some old or dead trees that are hazardously close to your house.

If you’re like most people, you probably have questions about what to do. That’s okay. Calling a local expert is a great place to start. Certified technicians will be able to assess your individual situation and provide the advice and expertise necessary to remove whichever trees are causing problems. Vernon Imel’s team of experts can work precisely with the problematic trees without damaging the rest of your property.

4. Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been cut down, you can be left with a tripping hazard or an ugly stump. Having that stump ground eliminates risks as well as completely erases the tree from your landscape. You can plant new trees or grass, alter the landscape, or build a new structure on your property.

When a tree service provider grinds stumps, you have a couple of options to discuss with the experts. They can either remove all of the trees and debris from your yard or lot completely, or they can turn your cut-down trees into mulch. The option of having mulch can be beneficial to you. Mulch provides temperature control to the soil year-round and minimizes weed growth that can compete for the nutrients a tree needs.

If you have new landscaping plans or want to plant young trees, you will likely want to use mulch. Stump grinding is a Lincoln City tree service you might benefit from. Using tree waste from your own property as mulch is a sustainable way to maintain your land, and it can often be cheaper than heading out to your local garden center to purchase bags of mulch.

5. Pruning

If you have an apple or hazelnut tree or an orchard, you know how important pruning is to stimulate the harvest of a delicious crop. But pruning is not only for fruit and nut trees. Pruning is part of a regular maintenance routine that promotes the health of your trees as well as creates balanced growth and a pleasing shape.

Pruning trees actually requires a lot of skill and more knowledge than simply lopping off a limb here and there, however. One reason pruning is crucial is it ensures your trees are structurally sound. Done incorrectly, your trees could be vulnerable to disease or pests. Best pruning practices mean a safe environment, reducing the hazardous risks from disease or storm damage. Your trees might require more aggressive trimming initially, but when you work with a tree technician, they can advise you about how to keep your trees healthy with regular pruning.

Vernon Imel Tree Services is your Lincoln City tree service expert. We only employ experienced professionals. Decades of experience in the industry means we offer affordably competitive rates and many years of experience specifically in Lincoln City. We know the trees and we know the area well. Give us a call today to arrange your consultation and price quote. We would love to alleviate your stress and have our certified technicians take care of all your tree care.