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Is it Best to Request Oregon Tree Removal Before the Winter?


Winter is coming and we all know how brutal Oregon winters can get. While you prepare your roof, doors, chimneys, and pipes to withstand the chilly temperatures that winter brings, do not forget your beautiful yard and trees that need an equal amount of care and attention.

During winter, trees enter a dormant state when growth and metabolism are significantly reduced to survive the lack of sunlight and water and leaves start falling. While you may think they are dying, they certainly aren’t. They’re just retaining energy and nutrients to get through winter. And it is this state of dormancy that helps them survive the harsh weather conditions.

The rapid change in temperatures also leads to cracks on tree barks and branches become more vulnerable to breaking.

Now with all the effort and care gone into ensuring the healthy growth of your trees, the last thing you would want is for your tree or its branches to come crashing down in the middle of a winter storm from the build-up of snow and ice on its branches or a diseased section of the tree going unnoticed. So, it’s time to add another task to your winter preparedness checklist – tree removal.

Here are the benefits of requesting Oregon tree removal service before winter sets in:

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Take a moment to inspect the trees in your yard. Do you notice any that may prove to be hazardous to your property?

From branches that seem to be growing too close to power lines or hanging over roofs to ones that are leaning dangerously to one side or showing signs of damage and decay, all of these signs spell trouble, and if not tackled before winter can cause further damage to its surroundings.

So, if you notice any of this, it is best to call an Oregon tree removal service to inspect the matter and take necessary action to keep you and your property safe.

Determine Tree Structure

Autumn is characterized by trees shedding leaves, getting reduced to bark, stems, and branches while prepped to endure the impending harsh weather conditions.

This is a good time to remove any dead and decaying areas as it gives the onlooker a better idea of the tree structure and condition. The absence of leaves provides a clear indication of the tree health such as hidden damaged branches or diseased limbs, which would otherwise have been concealed by foliage.

Lessen Disease

Just the way trees enter a state of dormancy during winter, so do parasites, bacteria, fungi, and insects in general. This means that diseases such as Dutch elm disease, oak wilt, cedar hawthorn rust, and fire blight that commonly spread during spring and summer are less likely to attack trees in winter because they are either dead or dormant.

This means that your tree has time to heal from any pruning wounds and stumps that are not immediately removed are less likely to become infested.

More Convenient

It is a well-known fact that people spend less time outdoors during winter as compared to the spring and summer months. So, wouldn’t you rather get your tree care services done right before winter when you aren’t using your backyard as much?

Similarly, with the leaves off, tree removal cleanup is a lot less tedious when done before winter. By deciding to hire Oregon tree removal services before winter begins, the work gets done faster and leaves you with peace of mind as you get ready to embrace winter.

Ready for Spring

Spring is the time when we all look forward to coming home to a yard full of blooming, healthy trees looking their very best. You don’t want to deal with diseased trees in the spring, but bring in new life to your yard or admire the greenery that returns.

Summer is also an ideal time to be outdoors and what better way to ready your lawn for some uninterrupted fun than by sowing the seeds of healthy, vigorous growth with timely tree care during winter.

Reduced Ground Damage

Tree removal, if not carried out carefully, can cause irreversible damage to your lawn and landscape, especially when the grounds are wet during spring and fall. This is another reason why experts recommend tree removal right before or during winter.

The low temperatures in winter end up freezing the ground, which is a blessing in disguise when it comes to tree care services like pruning or removal jobs because heavy equipment such as cranes, cutters, and chippers can be used to get the job done without causing as much damage to the ground.

Cost Effective

Tree removal is a laborious service due to the time, labor, and equipment involved. If you have budget restrictions, winter is the ideal time to get your trees removed because it is considered to be an “off-season” for tree removal companies. Similarly, since it is faster to remove trees during winter due to the dormancy state, the task requires lesser labor leading to lesser costs. So, save time and money by removing trees as winter creeps in.

For all these reasons, it is best to request Oregon tree removal before winter. Make the most of this time to spruce up your lawn, get rid of the dead trees and give way for fresh, new growth in the coming year.

Tree care and removal is a herculean task and should be left to the hands of tree experts who can inspect your trees and guide you to take the right decision.

Having served the PNW Coast for over 20 years, at Vernon Imel Tree Service, we are proud to offer you the best-in-class residential and commercial tree care services. So, get your yard ready for winter and contact us today to handle all your tree removal and tree care needs.