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Is My Tree is at Risk for Falling?

Is My Tree at Risk for Falling

When it comes to trees near your home, you can never be too careful. You should regularly inspect your tree to see if it’s at risk of falling in any way because if it does, the results can be catastrophic, to say the least.

You need to do what’s necessary to keep your family safe, and that includes inspecting trees on a regular basis. If ever in doubt, call a company like Vernon Tree Service, and they’ll come and provide an assessment. You wouldn’t think something like irregular leaf patterns or holes in trees could be a sign of a problem, but there are many factors to keep in mind to make sure your trees are safe enough to remain near your home.

Now the first question you may be asking yourself is, “How exactly do I inspect a tree?” Well, first of all, you see these trees every day. Odds are, if someone is going to pick up on some kind of abnormality, it’s you. Trust your judgement, and if there’s any inclination that something is not right, call an expert and let them come and take a look. Vernon Tree Service is often recommended, and we’ll be there at your convenience to take a look. Worst comes to worst, you spent a few bucks just to get your peace of mind back.

Is My Tree at Risk for Falling

With that said, there’s a number of elements to inspect on your trees. Make sure you inspect all sides of your trees, both from a distance and up close. You want to note changes in foliage, branches, roots, and the bark. Binoculars can be a useful tool to get an up close and personal look as well. Write down every little thing you see that might be ary because something that may seem like a minor abnormality to you could set off an alarm in the head of an expert.

Leaning trees don’t automatically indicate that a tree is in danger of falling as some trees grow in crooked ways. It gives them almost a unique charm. But if it’s leaning a little bit too much for your comfort level, maybe it’s time to take your concerns a little bit more seriously. This could mean there is poor weight distribution or anchor root damage, which would be cause to call a company like Vernon Tree Service immediately. Again, it’s never wrong to be safe than sorry.

Here are some other things to look out for. If there’s a lean that catches your attention, look at the opposite side’s soil. If there’s cracked or heaving soil, that can indicate an issue. Also, if there’s exposed roots around the base of the tree, that can be a warning sign as well. You also have to keep several things in mind if you’re dealing with a tree that has multiple trunks, or one with splits in the trunk. If they are v-shaped or u-shaped multiple trunks, they can become weak and are more susceptible to splitting with age or during a bad storm. You’d rather be proactive than reactive, so making a decision to act before the big storm comes could save you trouble down the line.

Another warning sign to look out for is if trees have holes in the trunk. A cavity can form in the tree when it prunes itself by dropping a branch. This can lead to decay in the tree’s interior, which doesn’t always create a dangerous situation, but it is something to keep an eye on, for sure. As long as there’s enough wood around the tree’s cavity, the tree should remain safe. If it becomes exorbitant and the wood rots away, then you may have yourself a problem.

Keep an eye on the leaves as well. Obviously, leaves falling in line with seasons shouldn’t be a concern, but if you notice your tree losing its leaves in a particular outside in pattern, it could mean there’s something wrong with the root zone. Obviously, if the quality of the root system is diminished, a falling tree becomes a much more distinct possibility. On the same topic, rotten roots can indicate problems at the tree’s base as well. Look for mushrooms growing around the area because fungi could indicate a serious issue. If unsure, call an expert, such as Vernon Tree Service.

At the end of the day, should you have any doubt regarding the safety of your trees, it would be ludicrous to not call a professional tree service to come and examine your trees. If they’re licensed, bonded and insured, they will have years of experience that could be vital in determining what the next step is regarding the tree(s) in question. While they may come and tell you there’s nothing to worry about, there’s also an outside chance it’s time for the tree to come down. You may also save your tree by calling in an arborist sooner rather than later. If you’re proactive and make that decision early, you can avoid what might have been a disaster down the road. Keeping hazardous trees around can be dangerous to you and your family, and you’re better off being safe than sorry so you have your peace of mind.

Don’t forget to do your research, before you hire a tree specialist. We recommend online and searching company names, reading reviews, and calling references. Also make sure the company doing the work is insured, especially if you’re having trees removed. If an accident were to happen, you want to know you are covered.