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What To Do About Messy Tree Droppings


There are few things more beautiful than a large tree on your property, but oh boy, can some of them leave a mess. Especially as the summer gives way to the cooler autumn months, your trees may begin to shed their leaves and branches, ultimately leaving your property cluttered and unsightly. This, of course, can lead to all sorts of other problems. Piles of leaves can attract pests, while falling branches can create hazards for your home and surrounding property, not to mention that it can ruin the aesthetics of your yard.

Just because you want to enjoy the splendor, shade, and fresh air that trees provide doesn’t mean you need to resign yourself to an autumn spent raking all day, every day. Here are a few things you can do about messy tree droppings:

Avoid the Messiest Tree Species

As with most things in life, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and such is the case with messy tree droppings as well. You can avoid a lot of the headache that comes with trees shedding their leaves if you simply opt to plant the right species in your yard. Certain tree varieties are a lot messier than others. The cleanest species are evergreens, which don’t shed leaves throughout the year. If you want to avoid cleanup entirely, opt for species that don’t have pinecones or acorns, and avoid messy trees such as the ones below:

Magnolia Trees

While magnolia trees’ flower-like leaves make them one of the most strikingly beautiful tree species out there, they also render them among the messiest. It’s not simply the leaves that make this tree such a pain to clean up after; it’s the cones as well. The tree will tend to shed leaves and cones around the same time, causing a layer of leaves to conceal the cones, which are extremely hard and solid. Those cones can pose a hazard to people, pets, and lawnmowers that unknowingly trample over them. The petals of the flowers can be hazardous to your lawnmower as well. They’re thick and tough, and can become caught between the blades.

Oak Treeswhat-to-do-about-messy-tree-droppings-oak-tree

One of the most popular trees of all, it’s hard to imagine trying to avoid keeping oak trees on and around your property. The imposing figure of a mighty oak lends an air of elegance to any home, and they are sure to boost the curb appeal wherever they grow. As they grow larger and larger, their massive, gnarled branches become homes to appealing wildlife, such as squirrels and nesting birds, as well as places for children to play.

Nevertheless, this is a list of some of the messiest trees, and the oak is definitely one of them. As you might expect, it’s the acorns that an oak sheds that make it a challenge for homeowners to clean up. They’re hard, strong, and difficult to rake away. The massive limbs that oaks are known for can also weaken and eventually fall, risking damage to your property when they do.

Bradford Pear Trees

Here’s another well-loved tree that can become a massive headache for homeowners: the Bradford pear. Its popularity stems from the fact that it’s a relatively easy tree to care for and the fact that its characteristic pyramidal shape is visually impressive and appealing. However, it’s this exact shape that leads to problems with the tree: it’s very fragile. The Bradford pear tree doesn’t stand up well to heavy winds or other inclement weather conditions. One stormy night can leave messy tree droppings all over your yard.

What If I Want These Trees Anyway?

The trees we’ve mentioned above are just a few of the messiest trees out there. They also happen to be some of the most iconic and popular. That’s why we’d never expect you to avoid them completely. We’d certainly lose something if the yards of the world were no longer graced with oak trees. However, it’s possible to still have these trees if you’re willing to put some work in and are careful.

One thing that will help is planting the messiest trees the farthest away from your home. If a tree is going to be dropping cones and acorns, it’s best that this happens in an area where it won’t create hazards on or around your house.

Other Solutions

Messy tree droppings can be a headache to clean up, but there are a few ways you can make it a little easier on yourself. One such way is to invest in a tarp. Once the weather begins to cool and the leaves begin to fall, they’ll land on the tarp instead of on the grass. This is especially helpful if you expect the tree to be shedding acorns, cones, or other parts that are difficult to clean up. Periodically, you can pull up the tarp and dispose of the messy tree droppings quickly and easily.

Another investment you might consider is a leaf vacuum. While you can get a lot of cleanup done with a simple rake, and you can do even more with a leaf blower, a vacuum can help clear away things like small branches and pinecones as well.

Regular Tree Care

Whatever types of trees you have on your property, you’ll avoid a great deal of the mess they make if you have them regularly cared for. At least once a year, have a good arborist from a company like Vernon Imel Tree Service come and give all your trees a checkup.

Over the course of the year, trees will drop leaves, seeds, and even limbs. This is a natural part of their life cycle, but you can do a great deal to ameliorate the messes that occur with regular preventative care. Your arborist will prune away dead or dying branches. They’ll also remove at-risk limbs before they can become a safety hazard to your home. Your tree service will also check your trees for any pests or infections. Keeping the trees healthy and in good condition will prevent them from losing any trees or branches that they do not need to.

Of course, a good tree service company can also help you clear away any messy tree droppings, should you desire. Contact them if you are interested in having a professional perform your land clearing.