Logging Lincoln City

Logging Lincoln City

When you have a wooded lot it can quickly get out of control. What was once a serene little patch of forest can become barely navigable as trees fall, grow, and tangle with one another. There is an easy way to tame your property. Professional logging in Lincoln City from Vernon Imel Tree Service.

As one of the most experienced logging companies in the Northwest, we take pride in performing every job with exceptional skill and efficiency. We’ve yet to encounter a patch of land that could stand up to our logging service, or a logging service that could match our pricing while providing the same quality of work.

Wooded Lot Management

Our tree service is tailored to you, there are some great reasons to choose Vernon Imel Tree Service when you need logging in Lincoln City. Whether you need controlled burning, forest thinning, clear cutting or reforestation, we can do it. Our staff includes a highly skilled arborist and with 15 years of local experience logging in Lincoln City and 30 overall, we’re your complete logging solution.

Your Logging Company

There’s a reason customers return to us again and again.

  • Scale – We perform both large and small scale logging services. This includes both residential logging and commercial logging in Lincoln City. Whether you’re a homeowner or land developer you can expect the same great service and quality of work.
  • Detail – When you have specific directions for your logging in Lincoln City we follow them to the letter. Our team is skilled at clearing large areas or removing individual trees. We take great care to make sure surrounding structures, property, and trees are not harmed.
  • Experience – With a certified Arborist at your disposal, anything is possible. We can safely remove only the unhealthy trees from your property, or reduce fire risk. Nothing beats experience, and we’re practiced at completing any logging request efficiently and with care.
  • Service – We also perform small scale jobs like road clearing, brush clearing, and low-impact logging. Our services are extensive so you know you’ll get the same great quality of work no matter what your Lincoln City logging company requirements may be.
  • Value – Owning our own logging equipment allows us to perform incredible work at a fraction of the cost of a company that has to rent. We maintain strict servicing schedules as well, ensuring our equipment performs when we need it most.

When you need professional logging in Lincoln City call (503) 812-8967 or contact Vernon Imel Tree Service.

Logging Lincoln City

Lincoln City

Lincoln City is a gorgeous little seaside town off the Oregon Coast. With so many great activities it’s easy to forget that’s there more to Lincoln City than just the beach.

Activities enjoyed by locals and visitors alike include glass blowing. At Lincoln City’s local glass studio visitors can actually blow their own glass floats. Those looking for a hot meal after working with hot glass can take classes at the localculinary center. Focusing on sustainability and local options it’s a great place to learn about Oregon’s cuisine and improve your culinary skills.