Logging Wheeler


Wooden lot owners know how fast they can become overgrown. What used to be a gorgeous, easily navigable patch of land can become nearly impenetrable. Falling trees block ground paths and existing tree grow together. Even the thought of tackling it yourself can be exhausting, so why do it alone? Logging in Wheeler is easy with the professionals at Vernon Imel Tree Service.

We’re one of the Northwest’s most experienced logging companies. There hasn’t been a patch of land yet that has beaten our loggers, or a logging service that can provide the same quality of work while matching our prices. That’s because we take pride in our work and perform every job with skill and efficiency. Those aren’t the only reasons though.

Wooded Lot Management

Our logging in Wheeler is tailored to you, and we provide comprehensive tree service. Whether you’re looking for forest thinning, reforestation, clear cutting, or even controlled burns, we can do it. Our company is home to one of those most skilled arborists in the state. With 15 years logging in Wheeler and 30 years of logging industry experience, we’re your total logging solution.

Logging Wheeler OR

Your Logging Company in Wheeler

Customers return to us for the logging in Wheeler because:

  • Scale – With the ability to scale, we can perform both small and large scale logging in Wheeler. This includes commercial logging projects. Whether you’re a land developer or homeowner, we provide the same excellent service and work quality.
  • Detail – When clients have logging expectations, we meet them head on. Our team is skilled at individual tree removal as well as clearing large areas. We take special care to ensure no harm comes to surrounding property, structures, and trees.
  • Experience – Anything is possible with a certified Arborist providing your logging in Wheeler. We can safely remove dead and unhealthy trees, reduce fire risks, and much more. Our experience allows us to complete any logging request with care and efficiency.
  • Service – As your full service Wheeler logging solution, we perform many smaller jobs as well. These include brush clearing, low-impact logging, and road clearing. Whatever requirements you may have, we’ll meet or exceed them with same high quality work and care we apply to larger jobs.
  • Value – Since we own our own logging equipment, we can provide logging in Wheeler at a fraction of a company that needs to rent. Strict equipment maintenance schedules always ensure our timelines are accurate and we’re hard at work when we say we will be.

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Wheeler is a gorgeous little town nestled against the beautiful Nehalem River. This provides citizens and visitors with a wide array of great activities like fishing, or walking the beautiful Nehalem Bay State Park. It’s little wonder so many choose to call Wheeler and this gorgeous stretch near the Oregon coastline, home.