Tree Pruning Lincoln City

Tree Pruning Lincoln City

Tree Pruning

For professional tree pruning in Lincoln City that makes a difference, choose Vernon Imel Tree Service. Trees require maintenance. You can leave them to grow as they will, but this rarely leads to desirable results. When they are above your head it’s easy to forget that just like bushes and shrubs, trees need pruning.

What is tree pruning

Tree pruning is the art of selective removal. Our technicians are highly trained in identifying and removing tree branches, roots, and buds. This is done in a number of ways, with the end result varying depending on the goals of the customer and the type of tree. For example, a tree that receives winter pruning has a more robust growth cycle in the summer. Fruit tree pruning can provide a greater yield, and leaf reduction helps a tree to save energy.

Why prune a tree? There are many reasons, and if you’ve never considered pruning before, now is the perfect time.

Benefits of tree pruning include:

  • A lowered risk of tree death
  • Reduced formation of co-dormant stems
  • Higher forming limbs
  • Reduction in dead branches
  • Reduction in dead bark
  • Reduction in branch failure
  • Reduction in whole tree failure

Comprehensive Tree Pruning Services

When you need tree pruning, you should always turn to the experts at Vernon Imel Tree Service. Not only do our technicians have extensive tree pruning experience, they’re highly skilled as well. Whether you need light tree pruning to spruce up a young tree or delicate heavy pruning for a mature tree, our masterful tree pruners provide you with the best service.

In addition to being licensed, bonded, and insured, we employ a certified arborist. We provide you with more than just professional tree pruning, we provide you with the knowledge to keep your trees healthy and productive.

Tree pruning services include:

  • Vista Pruning – Sometimes your view gets obstructed by a beloved tree. You don’t need to remove it though. Our professional tree pruning can keep your tree healthy, while restoring your view.
  • Crown Reduction – This reduces the height of trees and can increase the quality of fruit in fruit bearing trees. Our expert tree pruners can safely lower your trees height and improve its health.
  • Directional Pruning – We can prune your tree at the same time we shape it to increase overall stability.
  • Tree Trimming – This can help restore an ailing tree to health through removal of dead branches that pose risks for disease and damage. It can increase the structural quality of your tree as well, ensuring it doesn’t fall under its own weight.
  • Tree Thinning – Professional thinning increases light and helps the tree avoid damage caused by high winds and other extreme weather conditions.

These are just a handful of the specific tree pruning services we offer. No matter what the season or tree care goal, we’re always happy to discuss your needs and what tree pruning can offer you. Our goal is always a healthy tree, and a happy customer, so for the most professional tree pruning in Lincoln City, OR, Call (503) 812 – 8967 or Contact Vernon Imel Tree Services today.

Other Services Include:

Tree Pruning Lincoln City

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