Tree Pruning

When you need comprehensive tree pruning in Wheeler that covers every tree type and service, contact Vernon Imel Tree Service. Trees need professional maintenance. Without it they can become hazardous to themselves and their surroundings. For a healthy and csafe tree, get tree pruning in Wheeler.

What is tree pruning?

Tree pruning is when specialists selectively remove branches and foliage. Our tree pruners are trained to identify the correct branches, buds, and roots to remove. This can be accomplished several ways, and results depend on the desires of the customer, tree type, and goal of the tree pruning in Wheeler. For example, trimming a tree in winter creates more robust growth in summer. Reducing a fruit tree creates a larger yield, and leaf reduction cuts down on the amount of energy a tree spends.

Tree Pruning Wheeler

Benefits of tree pruning include:

  • Reduced likelihood of tree death
  • Reduction in co-dormant stem formation
  • Reduction in dead bark and branches
  • Reduced branch failure
  • Reduced likelihood of whole tree failure

Complete Tree Pruning Services

It pays to hire the experts when you need tree thinning in Wheeler. With vast amounts of experience, our tree pruners are highly skilled. From light pruning on a young tree to delicate clipping on older trees, our expert level tree pruners always provide the highest quality service.

In addition to being insured, bonded, and licensed, we also have a certified arborist on staff. That’s why in Wheeler, tree pruning enthusiasts know they can trust us to take care of their tree now, and teach them how to keep it healthy for the rest of its life.

Tree Pruning Service Includes:

Tree Pruning Wheeler

  • Vista Pruning – This is a great option when your view is obstructed by a tree, but you don’t want to have it completely removed. We can restore your view and protect your tree’s health.
  • Crown Reduction – This is for height reduction, and can even help fruit trees yield larger crops. We can improve your tree’s health and safely lower its height.
  • Directional Pruning – While we shape a tree to increase stability, we can also prune it.
  • Tree Trimming – This is used to restore ailing trees to health by removing dead branches that can cause disease and personal damage. It improves structural quality as well.
  • Tree Thinning – Increasing light and avoiding wind and weather damage is done through thinning of branches and foliage.

This is just a smattering of the many tree pruning services in Wheeler we can provide. No matter your goal, tree type, or season, we’re happy to help you maintain the health and longevity of your trees. Call (503) 812-8967 or Contact Us for tree pruning in Wheeler today.


Wheeler is a lovely little city in Oregon with some great areas for nature lovers to enjoy. Migrating water fowl frequently make their home in Wheeler Marina. With a small town charm and gorgeous scenery, Wheeler is a place that’s great to visit or settle down in.