Tree Shaping Lincoln City

Tree Shaping Lincoln City

Tree Shaping

Trees often grow so slowly, it can be easy to forget that they need tending. Tree shaping in Lincoln City is the perfect option for out of control tree growth. The expertly trained, highly experienced tree technicians at Vernon Imel Tree Service know exactly how much of your tree’s foliage should be taken in to keep it healthy while providing you with a visually appealing canopy shape.

Tree Shaping Benefits

There are a number of fantastic benefits derived from tree shaping in Lincoln City, because tree shaping doesn’t just provide you with a healthier tree:

  • Tree Shaping Improves Safety – When you let a tree grow naturally it extends itself as far as possible. Branches in the highest, outermost areas can become weak, creating a hazard. Tree shaping also provides a technician with the opportunity for dead-wooding, further increasing tree safety. Our technicians will also make sure trees are reigned in if unwanted growth has reached a structure or power line.
  • Tree Shaping Improves Aesthetics – There are many methods used for tree shaping in Lincoln City. Crown reduction and vista pruning can help improve the look of a tree while also improving your enjoyment of it. Tree shaping services can be used to scale back a canopy, allowing for more light to enter your homes windows or yard. A more aesthetically pleasing tree also provides a great benefit for those renting or selling a property.
  • Tree Shaping Improves Value – One of the cheapest ways to increase the perceived value of a property is with tree shaping. When trees are uniform in shape, they make the whole entire property more appealing and can noticeably increase property value as well as rental asking price. It’s an incredibly cost effective way to achieve long lasting, renewable value.

Tree Shaping Techniques

  • Framing – This technique is used to shape tree branches and limbs using a variety of materials. It’s often used when performing decorative shaping that yields incredibly unique living ornaments.
  • Grafting – This is used to create joints and connections when shaping a tree. It can also allow skilled tree shaping technicians to fuse different types of trees or plants together with careful cutting of the primary tree and placement of a secondary plant for fused, controlled growth.
  • Pruning – As the most commonly used tactic during tree shaping by our technicians and certified arborist, this involves directing tree branch and canopy growth. Careful pruning allows for the steering of growth, and is often the only technique needed for successful tree shaping.

For all your tree shaping in Lincoln City, call (503) 812-8967 or contact Vernon Imel Tree Service today.

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Tree Shaping Lincoln City

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